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We design integrated course models combining the best of face-to-face learning with the best of online learning, weighing the needs of our clients and our learner population.

Business Meeting


We support key people to understand more than just their goals. They also require an understanding of their business ecosystem and of sociopolitical, emergent, and structural complexities most likely to derail them. Nyali Swiss Project Management Training Experience is designed to help best-in-class-persons to effectively initiate the transition process to become more strategic as leaders by providing the right mix of methodologies (Agile, Lean, Traditional), mindset, tools and frameworks to drive successful outcomes for their organization.



Organizations need to find better answers to complex challenges having sustainability in mind.
Through Nyali Swiss Design Thinking Training, we transfer to our customers the right mindset to embrace uncertainty, the tools necessary to integrate the needs of people and to enthuse them. We enable our customers to build products and services that drive their organization forward and faster.



We believe organizations having a workforce with a broad mix of soft skills have higher rates of innovation and productivity and we support our customers to design and deliver a soft-skill building program to foster this valuable skill set in employees. Through our Soft Skills Training we integrate business and people strategies. We design and deliver training courses on Communication, Collaboration, Intercultural Management, Leadership Development Skills, from Self-Leadership, One on One, Building High Performing Teams, Transformational and Performance Leadership, Client Reading and Leading, Sustainability.



Our integrated offer focuses on developing an individual’s potential through a balance of internal and external pressures, making people aware and fulfilled.



Increase focus, balance and resilience, raise awareness and confidence, and make changes addressing negative behaviors.



More oxygen, endorphins, fiber, and energy strengthen you and the company’s ROI

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